Kids’ Stuff

Barter Camp 2017 presents:


Come and explore theatre with us by discovering your hidden talents and sharpening your natural gifts. Bring the barter item each day and enjoy some theatre,music  and art, and a snack before you go!

Barter Camp will be held August 7-11. This year all registered participants will attend from 10:00 am until noon. The kids will be divided according to age groups, just as in past years.

Barters will be listed here as soon as registration is complete. Please note that each child attending will need to bring the items listed for the appropriate age group in order to attend. Barters are NOT per family. They are per CHILD.

You may register your child(ren) by using the “Contact Us” link on this website. Barters will be listed here when registration is complete.

“What is Barter Camp?”

We’re glad you asked! Barter Camp was started by Jane Avery 20 years ago as a way for everyone in Garrett County to attend a camp aimed at the performing arts. If you’ve investigated similar camps, you may know that often they cost quite a lot of money. Instead of asking participants to pay to attend, we barter our time, space, and experience for things the theatre needs throughout the year. We try to keep the list simple, inexpensive, but useful for the theatre. In this way, we hope that we are able to serve everyone who wants to attend. Further questions can be directed to