“All the world’s a stage” and we need your help to keep ours open to all of you. Our Town Theatre is run entirely by volunteers, no one is paid. In other words, you help pay for the art, and we are so grateful you do.

Use the button below to make your tax deductible donation to Our Town Theatre today! Memberships, which include your name in our programs, start at $25.00 (though we will accept any amount).
Understudies and Students: $25+
Stagehands: $50+
Ensemble Actors and Actresses: $100+
Supporting Actors and Actresses: $250+
Leading Men and Women: $500+
Angels in the Wings: $1,000+
Producers’ Chairs: $5,000+

If you shop with Amazon, please consider using amazonsmile for your purchases. It doesn’t cost you anything and the theatre gets a donation! Use this link to make Our Town Theatre your charity: